Modern technology has its downside, but here are a few ways to beat stress with a smartphone

Multiple deadlines, social commitments, a long task list or pending daily chores can leave you overwhelmed. Add to that traffic jams, constant calls… Stress has become a part of our lives.

However, a mini-therapist could be right in your pockets in the form of stress-buster apps. They look to provide quick solution. Here are a few.

Breathe2relax — Android & Apple

This app provides video instructions of diaphragmatic breathing, a stress-relief technique. It gives you recommendations for muscle relaxation, provides soothing audios, along with information on the effects of stress on the body.

Worry Box — Android

Don’t we all have worries we would like to lock up in a box? Well, this app, doubling up as your diary, is your virtual worry box that can be password-protected. It helps you combat worry by asking if the worry is trivial or uncontrollable, making you introspect. If the worry isn’t controllable, you can select from a list of coping statements to think differently. It slowly helps you put things in perspective.

Acupressure: Treat Yourself — Apple &Android

This app, with illustrated acupressure instructions, has 90 point combinations for various problems. Acupressure utilises specific pressure points in the body to relieve pain and stress. The pressure helps increase blood flow, which relieves stress. Pressing key points on the skin, to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities, helps relieve worry, locate pain and headaches, and induces better sleep.

GPS For The SoulApple

This app measures your heart-rate variability, when you place your finger on the lens of your smartphone’s camera. It gauges your emotional state and directs you to solutions through breathing exercises, music, poetry and pictures of your loved ones. It follows holistic health guru Deepak Chopra’s personal GPS guide and the programme offered can be customised.

Buddha Board — Android & Apple

Dip your finger into a water tray on the screen and write anything on the board. Each brush stroke fades out with time, teaching you not to be too concerned with every outcome. The philosophy of Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment.

Relax Melodies — Apple, Android & Windows

It has a simple interface, with a wide selection of ambient sounds such as a gurgling river, of wind chimes, waves, and birds. You can mix your favourite sounds in different volumes and create personal melodies. It can be used when you are in a spa, doing yoga or while travelling.

Stop, Breathe, Think — Apple

This app integrates meditation in a playful way. You can check how you are feeling (from ‘meh’ to ‘lovely’) before the specific audio meditations begin. This is designed for both adults and teens.

Anti-stress Quotes — Android & Apple

This app presents quotes of wisdom to help you when you panic. It’s a reminder that you need not worry unnecessarily. Save your favourite quotes and reassure yourself by glancing at them before a stressful meeting or an examination.

Zen Spaces — Apple & Android (Zen Garden Lite)

Are you in a bad mood or facing a mind block? Well, this app helps you create your own virtual Zen garden. You can draw paths with sand, decorate with different coloured rocks and leaves, with a butterfly fluttering around it.

Being married to modern technology can be difficult, but if used correctly, it can actually help you beat stress.