With Chennai having the largest number of Dolby Atmos systems in the world, this sound system is here to stay

Gone are the days you would hear sound through channels with speakers in the cinema halls letting out sound through left, right, centre, left surround, right surround channels.

Dolby Atmos sound system that was first installed at Serene last December in the city (and country) during the release of Sivaji 3D seems to be the future of sound, if Sathyam Cinemas is to be believed.

Sathyam is installing these premium sound systems in 37 of its screens in Chennai, each costing about Rs. 30 to 40 lakhs. “Our biggest hall, Sathyam which is a thousand plus seater, would require slightly more elaborate sound design and may end up costing us about 70 to 80 lakhs but we don’t mind doing it because Atmos is by far the most incredible thing to happen to cinema sound,” said Kiran Reddy, Managing Director of Sathyam Cinemas.

Apart from the existing screens at Sathyam and Escape, the new multiplexes from Sathyam Cinemas in Velachery (called Luxe, at Phoenix Market City) and in Vadapalani (called Palazzo, at the Forum Mall) will be equipped with Dolby Atmos sound systems too.

These 37 screens from Sathyam Cinemas account for a majority of the 200 screens where Atmos has been installed around the world! “Chennai now has the largest number of Dolby Atmos systems anywhere in the world,” says Pankaj Kedia, country manager, Dolby Laboratories.

“Over 40 plus titles, including seven Indian titles have already been released in Dolby Atmos and 20 more are in the post production stage. The Indian films that will feature Dolby Atmos sound include Ghanchakkar, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Chennai Express, Satya 2, Thalaiva and Pizza 2 — The Villa,” Pankaj announced.

“Dolby Atmos gives content creators the flexibility and control to place sound anywhere in the theatre through its 64 speaker system and it creates a full hemisphere of sound around the audience,” he explained. “It changes the experience of movie watching. It is the most dynamic, powerful, natural and realistic sound experience that transports the audience into the story.”