Free smartphone apps allow you to gen up on your pregnancy journey

Get updates on your baby’s growth, keep track of your symptoms and compare them with other pregnant moms, get nutrition advice and shop for baby products… so turn to your smartphone for guidance.

BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today

Is a daily pregnancy app. Enter your baby’s due date, and the app gives you all the answers. It has a weekly guide, an interactive to-do pregnancy check list including doctors’ appointments, and connectivity with other moms-to-be who are due at the same time. A due-date calculator lets you figure out the count down to the big day. And, a nutrition guide takes you through tips and recipes that help you eat well and manage the cravings.

I’m Expecting

Tracks everything that’s happening to you and your baby. It gives weekly updates of the baby’s growth and the changes to your body, monitors your weight, reminds you of doctor’s appointments, tests and other events, and adds photos of your pregnancy from your camera with the help of the baby bump feature. There are many diet-related forums and weight-loss related forums that help you connect with other moms.

BabyBump Pregnancy

Tells you that in Week 18 you might feel a little dizzy. But it assures you that this is normal. It also offers diagrams and illustrations to show what the baby looks like in the womb from week to week. BabyBump also connects you to community message boards within the app on topics related to pregnancy, including baby name ideas, and so on.

Pregnancy/Sprout app

Offers 3-D interactives on the growth of the foetus. “The Doc Says” tab offers a week-by-week explanation of symptoms you are experiencing. It also includes a weight tracker, a baby kick counter and an organiser to keep track of appointments and prepare for your baby's arrival, including details ranging from what to put in the hospital bag to essential items for bringing the baby home, such as a car seat.

Peaceful Nursery

Provides an organic and eco-friendly shopping list including suggestions for an organic crib mattress, organic cotton crib sheets and other times. The app also has tips for how to have a healthier home for your baby.

Most of the apps are free.

Note: The apps are intended for informational and educational use only. Please consult your doctor for any pregnancy or health concerns