Researchers have found a way to minimise radiation exposure patients are subjected to during Computed Radiography (CR). Computed Radiography, which uses x-ray technology to create computer images of the patient, requires the use of very precise levels of radiation. Too much radiation can cause exposure problems which can be rectified by technicians with more radiation, known as dose creep. It can potentially create health problems in patients.

The solution developed by Dr. Curtise Ng, from Curtin University of Technology (CUT), is an online automatic CR dose data mining programme. “Using this technology, hospitals will be able to monitor the amount of radiation patients are given,” he said. “Digital x-ray technologies such as CR and digital radiography can help a department operate more efficiently, but they can also lead to dose creep (excessive dosing) ,” Dr. Ng said. “This programme provides an efficient and effective solution to this issue,” he added.

The results were published online in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.