Room-wide web! U.S. computer software giant Microsoft has proposed new technology which would allow displaying of web content on multiple flat surfaces and devices such as phones or tablets in a room.

The technology would mean different parts of web content would fit just right onto different patches of walls and other flat surfaces.

The concept called SurroundWeb relies on Kinect technology to scan a room to “recognise” flat surfaces and other objects, ‘’ reported.

The technology uses a software to parse out different parts of web content which it would divvy out to different surfaces or satellite devices such as phones or tablets in the room, effectively adding more screens.

Microsoft is offering a way to create immersive applications for the home that don’t violate the privacy of their users.

Since SurroundWeb is Internet based, therefore, if it were to scan a room and allow information about what is found to make its way to the web, all manner of privacy violations could occur.

However, in its concept paper Microsoft outlines how SurroundWeb could be implemented without violating privacy, the report said.

The design of the system would mimic operating system design - different parts would be allowed access to different information — each level having access only to what it needs to function.

The proposed concept is being put forth in a public forum, meaning readers of all technical levels can study the idea and give opinions about the design.