HP, which unveiled a slew of printers, says printer-in-the-room-corner can be a cash guzzler

This one is for organisations, big and small: have you noticed the printer(s) at the corner of your room? Have you ever thought how much of your revenue it eats up?

Top HP executives in the Asia-Pacific region, who gathered in Beijing to unveil a range of printers and other products in mid-April, say the printer-in-the-room-corner can be a cash guzzler. And, in large enterprises with tens or hundreds of printers, take a guess how much revenue of the company the printer will devour: an incredible 3 to a whopping 15 per cent.

In general, large businesses in India have not given much thought to the humble printer, hence one can find multiple generations of printers of various makes in the same office, says Ravi Aggarwal, president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP India. Add to this the fact that many large organisations in India have offices across the country and that printers would have been purchased locally. The bottom-line is that there is a lot of savings to be made just by ‘managing' the printer at your office.

Now, HP is in the business of selling printers — among other things. Now why are they talking about savings when they should be concentrating on selling more by merely pointing out that the old printers need to be replaced?

Three reasons, say HP executives. One, HP is so sure of its domain expertise when it comes to printers that it is willing to put the money where its pontification is. Two, going green does not make business sense for any enterprise till it sees the savings. Three, the new range of HP printers come with a certified guarantee that these will consume less power.

In fact, HP claims that its LaserJet Pro P1100 Printer Series is the most energy efficient laser printer in the world. Its auto-on/auto-off technology on its new range of printers reduces energy use by up to three times compared with the sleep mode of the normal printer. HP also says it can effectively reduce paper use by 25 per cent for small and medium businesses with automatic two-sided printing on a range of its printers.

Going green

“The good thing about this industry is that the greener you become, the more you save,” says Pierre Mirlesse, vice president, Managed Enterprise Solutions, HP Imaging and Printing Group, Asia Pacific and Japan. Reducing the volume of needless printing at the office, culling the volume of junk mail and reducing power consumption are areas where HP can help reduce costs with its range of Managed Print Services.

With HP Enterprise Production Print Solutions, you can reduce and control operational costs — increase visibility of document production spend across the enterprise; improve company focus — outsource document production operations so you can focus on your core business operations; gain access to world-class capabilities — utilise the latest document output technology without continually investing capital and provide a complete solution from desktop to delivery — access a virtual document portal that enables sending complex documents to multiple recipients and locations.

Integrated approach

HP says its wide range of services and capabilities focuses on an integrated approach. With HP Enterprise Production Print Solutions, HP delivers more services across all document production environments and it can all be done onsite or offsite, locally or globally. It works like this: once you enter into a pact with HP, it will study your work flow and suggest steps to optimise. Results — savings — can be seen in 12 months, HP executives told a group of journalists flown into Beijing at company expense.

HP also offers a Printing Payback Guarantee. First, HP conducts an assessment of a company's printing needs, develops recommendations and calculates a projected printing cost savings figure, which both parties agree to. One year after full implementation of HP's recommendations, it conducts a second assessment. If the customer has not saved the projected costs, HP will pay the difference. The initial rollout will be in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, and in the other Asia Pacific nations by year-end.


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