Techcrunch fights for editorial independence

One of the top technology blogs is experiencing some turmoil. Its founder Michael Arrington, in his recent post, has confirmed fears that the company acquired by AOL is at risk of losing its editorial independence. That sounds like a blow to technology enthusiasts the world over as Techcrunch has the reputation of being a fairly honest and critical place to go to keep up with the news. Arrington, who is something of an icon as a technology journalist, has appealed to AOL giving them two options — reaffirm the editorial independence agreed upon at the time of acquisition that would allow Techcrunch to stay within AOL and function independent of Huffington Post, the other major online media acquisition of the company recently. The second option is to sell Techcrunch back to its original owners.

Schmidt on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has relinquished his post as the CEO of one of the most successful technology companies there is. And he left some time ago. But the plaudits keep pouring in from all directions for Jobs. Now it is none other than Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, who has said that Jobs gave the best performance as a CEO for any company in the past 50 or even 100 years.