Get ‘Swears’ and endorsements on your career and personal relationships.

Now there is a new website where you can swear with freedom. No, not for cursing, but to help your friends., was launched recently by Samson Manickaraj, an entrepreneur. It is an online portal where you can paste notes about your friends. It can be about anything, right from your friend’s hobbies and interests to their skill sets. Just over a week since its inception, it already has over 18,000 users!

“SwearFor was invented because our lives are filled with valuable moments which can serve as big endorsements in our career paths and personal relationships,” says Samson Manickaraj. “If a person can send you a Swear, it goes on your timeline as an endorsement for a positive quality or skill you possess.”

Gaining popularity rapidly, SwearFor is useful for college students during job interviews. Interviewers who have no idea about the newly-graduated students and their talents get a pretty good sense of the students from the Swears they collect. Building credibility and trustworthiness by collecting swears from college professors and fellow students, students have a higher prospect of landing a job. Swears collected from professors plays an important role in the career ladder as they have the potential to create impressive profiles of students.

Extra qualification

SwearFor is useful even in later stages when shifting jobs. “After three or four years of college life, your SwearFor profile would probably have about 20 Swearers who Swore 45 times that you are a ‘very punctual person’, and 30 Swearers who Swore 35 times that you have ‘great presentation skills’. Having multiple Swears on the same quality repeated over a timeline, helps,” says Samson. Swears about your different qualities from colleagues in the company that you have worked in might help in the next job interview that you attend.

Recently a ‘credibility’ system to make SwearFor an exclusive system has been launched. When a person joins SwearFor, they can send Swears to their Facebook Friends or Gmail Contacts alone. Sending Swears to individual email ids is not allowed until the person has received 5 Swears.

“SwearFor is not a concept like Facebook which you do because you are bored. Each swear is a digitally signed endorsement that will last forever with you,” says Samson. “SwearFor is the identity and respect that you gain at every turn your life takes.”