Sonata Software, a leading IT consulting and software services provider, on Thursday said it has developed a fashion and social networking application for U.S.-based Golirious LLC, a mobile software developer.

The application called ‘Love it or Lose it’, allows Apple iPhone users to instantly connect with their friends and community members and request, and receive feedback on fashion merchandises, a release said.

The user—friendly application allows iPhone users to click photos of clothes or accessories while they are shopping and share them instantly with their friends.

It allows the recipients to rate each photo they see as either ‘Love it’ ‘Like it’ or ‘Lose it’ and send their feedback immediately.

Other key features include adding friends and viewing their profiles, including their wish lists, getting help in finding gifts for ‘hard to shop for’ friends, adding favourite stores and designers.

Golirious LLC President Anand Venkatrao said, “We wanted to build an application that can allow shoppers to get feedback instantly from their friends on clothes or accessories which they intend to buy. ‘Love it or Lose it’ acts as the perfect shopping companion for Apple iPhone users.”

Sonata Software Head, Technology Services Business, Aniruddha Banerjee said, “This lifestyle application can run on high—end mobile devices supported by a backend server, enabling prospective buyers to solicit opinions from their network of friends and associates, on specific products prior to their purchase.”