So flaunting relationships on Facebook gives more happiness? The users have their say

A decade ago, memories of special events like birthdays and anniversaries, a family holiday or just casual pictures were carefully stored in albums. They would be dusted and taken out when friends and relatives came home to share the happy moments.

Now, photographs commemorating every moment of one’s life including cheesy displays of affection are first uploaded on Facebook and shared with all those on the friends’ list.

And, if you are a Facebook junkie posting your relationship pictures on the social networking site, here’s some good news.

A study by researchers from University of California has found that people who post pictures about their relationship on Facebook are more satisfied and secure.

The study also claims that by doing so, it boosts their (read couples) self-esteem and strengthens their marital bond. (However, ‘general life satisfaction and personality traits couldn’t account for their findings’.)

Rehan Guha, a city-based hotelier who loves to show his love to the world, is not surprised by the results. “I guess the study must be true. I don’t know about others but I enjoy posting pictures on Facebook,” he says. For others like Mangala R., a former media professional, ‘posting happy pictures on Facebook is way of attracting happiness.” Recently for their wedding anniversary, she posted some pictures on Facebook which took their friends on a nostalgia trip.

“My husband is in Muscat, and this was the first anniversary when we were not together. I uploaded some pictures of us together and our friends remembered the day of our wedding,” she smiles and adds, “I want people to know that I am happy. Happiness attracts happiness,” she says.

The study has brought to the fore the debate of ‘us’ (Facebook users) and ‘they’ (non-Facebook users) to the fore.

“How can a study claim that only people who post relationship pictures online feel secure in their relationship?” asks Naina.

However, V. Jaya, an employee with a private firm, who is not on Facebook supports the study results.

“Once you post your relationship picture on Facebook, I think it will make you more responsible in being committed to the relationship,” she says.


The digital age is changing us June 22, 2013