Madhumati N’s Mpower Learning Solutions aims to bridge the knowledge gap

As a girl growing up in Palayamkottai, Madhumati N. was often witness to the huge gap between aspiration and availability of information. And so early this year, she launched Mpower Solutions, an m-learning site that hopes to solve this problem.

Madhumati found that people were looking at education a lot differently than they did 10 years ago. “Now education and social life co-exist. Students find time for hobbies, interests. In this attention-deficit age, it is not easy to catch their attention,” she explains. Mpower Learning Solutions, a Chennai-based start-up, offers quality content that is affordable and accessible. Features such as five-minute videos on physics, chemistry, maths, etiquette, interview tips and a host of other topics are available as an app that you can access through a Windows PC and Android phone. “You can download the ‘Videos2learn’ app on the mobile, preview the content, subscribe and then have access to all our content. We also allow people to download the videos so that they can use them offline as well,” says Madhumati.

The 1,000 odd videos feature experts from different fields and have already found 700 subscribers and are meant for those between ages 14 and 25. “Students find this convenient because they can access it on the go and the shorter videos make it easy to understand a concept. Also, if they have a doubt when studying late in the night, this app could come in handy,” she adds.

Madhumati plans to introduce more services and looking at collaborating with guidance centres and teachers. “We’re trying to go global as well and are looking at adding test material. This will take about three to four months,” she says. “ We realise that it’s a huge responsibility. Mpower aims to empower every student, wherever they are, with knowledge and information.”