The dependence on the Internet and mobile phones seems to have become profound. When cut off from these modern-day technological innovations, people tend to become anxious rather than feeling liberated, says a study.

Researchers have found that staying in a place with no mobile phone coverage, or suffering from the Internet going down, is a cause of high stress and anxiety for an increasing number of people.

The study, undertaken for Virgin Media by the analysts Future Laboratory, is based on a survey.

As many as 85 per cent of full-time mothers always have the Internet turned on at home, while a third of people said they no longer felt any sense of guilt about always being "connected" either by having their mobile phone or computer turned on, the survey found.

The results indicated that 36 per cent of people were anxious about keeping in touch with their family if they were disconnected, compared with just 29 per cent who felt they're liberated, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.

When it came to work 29 per cent cent said they were anxious when cut off, compared with 28 per cent saying they felt liberated.


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