‘The day we fight back’

Online activist groups, companies and online platforms are coming together today (Feb. 11) in opposition to NSA’s mass spying regime. Don’t be surprised if Internet memes and avatars with the logo ‘The Day We Fight Back’ flood the social networks.

Over 5,000 websites, including popular groups like Mozilla, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Reddit and Boing Boing, have signed up for ‘The Day We Fight Back’ campaign.

They would all put out banners in a protest similar to last year’s ‘SOPA Blackout: Day of Action’ protest when prominent technology companies symbolically blacked out their logos.

Several interest groups in various cities across the world, including from India, have pledged their support for the campaign.

The official website (www.thedaywefightback.org) has displayed a countdown to 24-hour period when the protest will come into effect.