They spend nearly half waking hours on Internet: survey

Online Indians stay connected to the Internet close to 8.4 hours a day, according to a survey conducted by Norton security of Symantec. That is more than half the hours spent awake.

The survey also notes that online users spend close to 12.9 hours a week browsing the Web, 9.7 hours a week on social networks and 6.1 hours a week checking emails.

The survey was conducted in February by independent market research firm Leading edge with a sample size of 500 adults (48 per cent women and 52 per cent men) in the age group of 18-64.

Detailing the findings, Norton spokesperson David Hall told The Hindu that nearly 83 per cent of the respondents said they could not stay away from the Internet for more than 24 hours. Internet withdrawal symptoms struck fast when Web connection got severed, with one in two online Indians feeling the effects within the first three hours.

Another growing trend was the use of multiple devices to connect with the Web. According to the survey, users connected with an average of 2.8 devices a person. (A combination of desktops, mobile phone and tablet PCs).

Nearly 40 per cent of the surveyed said they valued their financial information the most, followed by 35 per cent who valued their online accounts, including email and social network information.

Mr. Hall said that despite the heavy patronage, most online users were a bit unclear about the concept of Internet security and willing to go in for very basic solutions as the only defence against all online threats.