An interactive, info-sharing online platform by Delhi University students, helps freshers cope with university life

“The objective behind starting this page was to introduce the spirit of the Delhi University (DU) on Facebook. I believe that the real fun of DU should be felt even when one is not in the campus.”

These were the words of the ‘admin’ of the online community 'We R thE sTudEnts of Delhi University'. The idea of starting the ‘page’ struck him two years ago when he himself was undergoing the gruelling task of applying for various undergraduate courses in DU.

“When I was applying for courses two years back, I faced a lot of problems which made me create this page so that no one else should have to face the same problems again,” he says.

The ‘page’ has now grown into a discussion board where nearly 30,000 students of DU constantly share information about results, cut-offs, colleges, festivals, etc. round the year. Students of different colleges and departments can talk to each other on different topics such as their campus, course and even about their faculty on this platform.

With the admission season currently in progress in DU, the ‘page’ acts as a compiling portal for seat aspirants regarding colleges, courses on offer, number of seats, etc.

Even as the semester exam results are coming out students remain glued to this ‘page’ for any latest information.

“The page works on a contribute-all-get-all basis, which means students share information about the events and competitions going on in their colleges, which helps the rest of the students on being updated regularly about every minute detail of all the events going on in the university,” points the ‘admin’.

This platform attempts to help freshers in adapting to the sudden change in their environment from school life to college life by giving them suggestions and replying to their queries.

While being a flexible arena for debates and discussion on various topics, bullying anyone or passing surly comments is not allowed here. “Once a student from SRCC was passing rude remarks on a girl from Shivaji College; our admin team immediately asked him to apologise to that girl publicly which he did,” informs the ‘admin’.

Students here debate fiercely on subjects like reservation system and examination patterns of the university.

The page does not change its structure and content according to popular demands, which makes it quite unique. “I have got a lot of suggestions and requests to start something like DU confessions and DU tips on this page, but I declined all of them because I want to stick to that very idea for which I started it,” states the ‘admin’.