is a cost-effective solution for parents who worry about their wards’ performance and conduct.

Technological advancements are happening in every sector, and education is in no way lagging behind. In a new and innovative way for parents to keep track of their children’s academic performance, Chennai-based Infogem Web Solutions has introduced a website, Using SMS, e-mail and Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), this cloud-based software allows parents to get instant updates of the students’ academic performance, attendance, circulars and homework.

“Parents who always worry about their children’s school or academic activities, will be now relieved to know that they can keep track of their wards from anywhere,” says Kanhaiya Kumar, MD and CEO of Infogem. has made ties between institutes and parents easier. The software has made it simpler by providing information to parents, cutting down their visit to the schools.

When students bunk classes, the information reaches parents before the attendance report arrives. Any change in the schedule, holidays, meetings and announcements, are also immediately communicated to parents. With this software, it takes only 30 seconds to inform 5,000 parents. Academic information is given a higher priority and hence messages are sent to DND numbers.

This application, being cloud-based, is made available to schools and institutes at zero infrastructure costs. Parents can register by paying Rs.249 per student per annum.

This site is being used by more than 70,000 parents in Tamil Nadu. Jhansi Karthikeyan, vice principal of Sivasakthi Matriculation School feels that such a website is a necessity for all schools now as it helps them keep pace with the fast evolving world in terms of communication. H. Ponraja, Senior Principal at Dharam Hinduja Matriculation School, also feels the same. “It helps us in informing parents regarding late-coming, absenteism, homework, and test portions. It helps us maintain and improve the discipline of students,” she says.

A new version of the application has also been released which includes features like GPS tracking of students, access to online content and tests, and multi-language IVRS which includes Tamil, Hindi and English.

“Based on the request of schools, we have recently introduced the new feature of Tamil IVRS. Every School will be given a special number where parents can call and get information about their ward 24 X 7,” says Kanhaiya Kumar.