Okay, ecommerce is real in India. And here is proof: according to a study whose findings were released recently by the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Intelink Advisors, about 150 million people in India, or around 75 million households, are ready for ecommerce.

Before that gets you excited, check this out: only less than 10 million are engaged in active e-commerce. The study adopted the criteria of income, education and occupation to arrive at the number of households capable of ecommerce. It lists the key reasons for the mismatch between potential and actual consumers: lack of trust, fulfilment issues, and shopping experience.

The report says the ‘core' potential for consumer ecommerce is likely to increase to 230 million households by 2024-25. As expected, the low social economic classification will increase at a lower rate, with 174 million individuals becoming capable of e-commerce.