Google has began adding real time results to its Internet search engine, channelling feeds from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other fresh content into responses to queries.

“We are here today to announce Google real time search,” Google fellow Amit Singhal said at a press event held near the firm’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

“Users will get results on results page as they are being produced out there. This is the first time ever that a search engine has integrated the real time Web into the results page,” Mr. Singhal said yesterday.

Twitter messages and other fresh content streamed into a box on Google’s main search page in a demonstration of the new feature, which will be rolled out at all English-language search sites in the coming days.

Google is planning to incorporate real time search in other languages beginning early next year, according to Singhal.

Online social-networking rivals MySpace and Facebook will be providing feeds of all public updates.

“MySpace and Facebook users can decide what they want to see offered at Google,” said Google vice president of search products and user experience Marissa Mayer.

Google is working on a standard software interface Facebook and MySpace can use to stream updates to the Internet search titan in real time.