Following a Delhi court order, Google on Tuesday said it has removed from its Indian sites content that were found ‘objectionable' by the court.

“We only removed specific content that was identified or was the subject of the court's order from local domains of Search, YT (YouTube), Blogger and Orkut,” the United States-based Internet giant said in a statement.

‘Long-term policy'

“This step is in accordance with Google's long standing policy of responding to court orders. This is consistent with our long term policy and we have been very transparent about these actions even in the past — as also revealed in our transparency report,” it said.

In December last, the court, while listening to a private complaint, directed 21 social networking sites, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, to remove all “anti-religious” or “anti-social” content in the form of photographs, videos or text and file a compliance report by February 6.