Social media is abuzz with appeals for relief measures for Uttarakhand victims

As has been seen in every disaster situation, the social media are once again being used as an important tool of information dissemination for relief and rescue operations in Uttarakhand. Twitter and Facebook are at the forefront of being effective mediums of communication for individuals and organisations rallying in cities for the collection of relief material. Google has launched online software Person Finder through which people can search their missing relatives in Uttarakhand and also give information if somebody is found. At last count, it was tracking about 3900 records. Emails and free smart phone application Whatsapp are also being used to spread information on how individuals can help.

Even as news of stranded people in Uttarakhand being fleeced for every little item including a bottle of water are coming in, efforts are on to provide essentials to people still stuck in the deep reaches of the mountains.

Blame games by political parties and other elements and their attempts to score brownie points and taking credit for the rescue work notwithstanding, the nation has once again come together to mitigate the suffering of the people by coordinating help for them.

Most of the access to stranded people is through the Indian Armed Forces who are engaged in difficult rescue operations.

In order to augment relief and rehabilitation work, organisations such as Goonj, Oxfam, Ishaan Sadhana Dham and Gurudwara committees among others are sending out appeals for help.

People who want to come forward and contribute in the efforts can contact the organisations at the following email ids and phone numbers:- or call 011- 41401216 / 011-26972351; or call +91 9999929939/ +91 9310311133. Both the organisations have set up collection centres where individuals or organisations can contribute in cash or kind.