British Premier David Cameron and his coalition government’s first 100 days in office emerged as the most popular political topic on Twitter followed by “War”, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, a new study has revealed.

The study by Tweetmister, which analysed more than five million relevant “tweets” on the micro-blogging site, has found a “disproportionately high number” of posts and media stories centred on the Britain’s youngest PM in two centuries.

In their study, researchers found Mr. Cameron was twice as popular as the next most popular topic — discussion about “War”, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, leading newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported.

Almost 11,500 posts on the site, from politicians, media and other parties, mentioned Mr. Cameron over the past 100 days since his party formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, the study found.

Users posting about the BP oil spill, and the political fallout from the American environmental disaster, was the third most popular topic out of list of 40, followed by “schools”, “jobs”, “cuts” and “banks”.

The most mentioned government department on Twitter was No 10 Downing street, followed by the Foreign Office and the Treasury. However, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and the Deputy PM, didn’t make the top 40.

“A disproportionately high number of posts and media stories shared on Twitter about the government, across all issues, centre around the Prime Minister. The media narrative and conversations on Twitter about the government rotate around David Cameron,” said a Tweetminster spokesman.