Believe it or not, a British teenager is said to have found her father she had never met — on popular social networking site Facebook.

According to the Daily Star, 14-year-old Jess Broadley found Kevin Roberts online after a nine-year search.

She sent him a message saying, “Hi, I believe you’re my dad.”

When 43-year-old Kevin saw her picture he realised the youngster from Old Colwyn, North Wales, had to be no one else but his daughter.

The pair have now met up and Kevin was quoted by the British tabloid as saying: “It is truly amazing.”

Four months back another British teenaged girl, Sophie Featherstone, was reunited with her parents and 15 brothers and sisters on Facebook.

“It was like history repeating itself, we arranged a meeting and I moved in with her and her family for a couple of weeks. It has been incredibly easy to bond with everyone here, I already feel part of the family,” she had said.

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