Launched in August 2007, is a one-of-its-kind company that tries to bring the blogging community together

Most new bloggers give up after the initial burst of enthusiasm purely because they are clueless about their readership, reach and impact. There's nothing more demoralising than not knowing who is reading you. What's worse is not being sure if there's anyone out there reading your blog.

Yet, Chennai is one of the biggest hubs for bloggers in the country, second only to Bangalore, according to, a company that dedicates itself towards shepherding the flock and bringing the blogging community closer.

However, Chennai is fourth on the list of cities with the Most Ranked Bloggers. Which means that the numbers either do not translate to quality or they don't translate effectively to reach.

How are blogs ranked?

“Our IndiRank is auto-generated and created on the combination of Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, how often the blog is updated, when it was last updated and the number of incoming links,” says Renie Ravin, managing director of

“The IndiRank crawler runs every month through all the blogs registered with us and generates these ranks. Quality blogs, even if they are new, will have other blogs linking to them once they are part of the blogging community,” explains Renie.

LinkedIn for bloggers, as Renie claims, is the only one of its kind in the country that serves as a social network for bloggers. “We like to think of ourselves as LinkedIn for bloggers. There maybe a few others who aggregate blogs, take RSS feeds and display them in one place but we are not about compiling or hosting space for bloggers.”

“There are loads of brilliant Indian blogs but there was no place to find them. There were a lot of new bloggers who were good and the newer ones didn't have a chance,” observes Renie.

So where does a blogger begin?

“Bloggers should always respond to comments on their blogs. They should visit other blogs and engage in conversations. When a blogger posts something intellectual on a popular blog, readers of that blog will come to check out his blog. They need to proactively market their blog by having a Twitter account and Facebook Fan page. It always starts with zero. Join and the blog immediately gets listed in our directory under the topic he blogs about. People can find him by location, category and ordered by rank. Ideally, they should focus on one topic. That target audience will keep coming back,” he explains.

Once a blogger registers with Indiblogger, he has access to Indistats.

“We show him a history of his blog, how his Page Ranks have changed over time and how his blog is progressing.”

Indiblogger moderates 600-700 blogs a month. “We reject 30 to 40 per cent of the blogs submitted to us. We have submission guidelines. If they don't conform, we reject them. This is how we maintain quality of content and the people. We make sure the blogs have a minimum number of posts, quality content and that the blogger is in India.” The registrations peak every time Indiblogger calls for a Blogger meet.

So, how does Indiblogger makes its money?

“Indiblogger is product of our company ScissorPaperStone. We are into web services. We do social media campaigns for clients — manage Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, create blogs and update it for them.” launched on August 15, 2007.

“During a trip to Bangalore, we were sitting over a drink with old school friends, discussing ideas for a start-up. Five of us came up with the idea and so, we were all co-founders. Today, we have a team strength of 15.”

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