Google Maps coming to iOS 6 soon

The iOS 6 Maps fiasco is well-documented. Apple CEO Tim Cook even posted a letter of apology on the official website for not living up to their own standards. Now Google Maps seems to be getting ready to make a return to the Apple’s mobile platform. According to reports, Google is giving its final touches for the new OS of Apple and is all set to submit its app to the iTunes store. Apple might just do the right thing by expediting its clearance of the app and opening it for its users. The many mistakes that Apple’s news Maps did — including bridges that looked melted on screen — have been making the rounds in the technology forums for a few weeks now. This news is of some importance to Indian users, especially because Apple Maps was woefully inadequate on local information.

Windows phone integrates Skype

The big fight of the smartphone platform seems to be split three ways at the moment — Apple’s iPhone vs Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows 8 phone. (Blackberry faithfuls might snigger a bit at that, but one has to wait for the OS 10 release.) The de facto video messaging on iOS is its Facetime that allows communications between Apple devices. On the Android phone, there is the more universal Gchat video. Microsoft has been talking about Skype integration on its new generation Windows 8 phones at a much deeper level. Over the past few weeks, several videos have started showing up as part of the Windows 8 phone reviews. This could be a big factor for the sale of Windows 8 phones.

Aircel introduces gaming card

Aircel has introduced ‘Pocket Internet Games’, a retail recharge card priced at Rs. 39 and Rs. 69, for a validity of a week and two respectively, that will allow its GSM mobile customers to download and play unlimited games from leading mobile game publishers Disney UTA and Electronic Arts. Right now the games are available for Java and Symbian handsets, and would soon be available for Android handsets too. The line-up of games that users can download for their mobiles is very impressive — there are more than 1,500 titles, including the popular Need For Speed, EA Cricket, FIFA, Medal Of Honor and Pirates Of The Carribbean. Though the validity of the cards is limited, once the games have been downloaded, users will be able to play them whenever they want. The gaming cards are available across the country.