Steve Wozniak expressed his fondness for fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs early on Friday in a way many gadget lovers can relate to — by camping out overnight for the latest iPhone.

Television station NBC11 is reporting that Mr. Wozniak was first in line when he showed up Thursday at the Apple store in Los Gatos.

With the new device going on sale Friday, Mr. Wozniak told the station that even though he has two new phones on the way, he plans on staying overnight outside the store.

Mr. Wozniak was one of about five people who were in line around 2 p.m. local time Thursday at the store.

He told NBC11 that while he waits, he plans on getting caught up on his email and chatting with fans.

“The long wait begins. I'm first in line,” Mr. Wozniak posted on his Twitter feed on Thursday from outside an Apple store in Los Gatos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“The guy ahead was on the wrong side and he's pissed.”

Judging by his tweet, the man known by many simply as “The Woz” seemed happy to be joining in the festive, mad scramble for Apple's latest smartphone.

The iPhone 4S went on sale worldwide on Friday, the company's first new release since the death of Jobs last week, and a jovial atmosphere pervaded most Apple stores from Australia to Tokyo to Europe as thousands waited in line for the gadgets. The latest iPhone hits stores Friday after already breaking a record on first-day pre-orders.

Mr. Wozniak, now 61, founded Apple with Jobs in 1976. Last week Mr. Wozniak said he was “dumbfounded” by the news of his friend's death.