HTC has announced on its Facebook Page — — that its next generation Android mobile HTC One X will launch in India in April. The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor handset featuring Nvidia Tegra3 is expected to be priced high. It has already been garnering great reviews from top technology blogs, including Engadget, which have said the phone has blown away competition on several benchmarks. Among other specifications, it features an 8 MP camera, a 1.3 MP front-facing camera and a 4.7-inch 720p HD SuperLCD screen. The phone is part of the HTC One series announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, earlier this year. It runs Google's latest mobile operating system code-named ‘Ice Cream Sandwich'.

Privacy concerns over Apps

As the debate over online privacy continues to rage in the U.S. Congress, Apple has started rejecting Apps from its AppsStore that track UDID (unique device identifier), a 40-character-long identification number, according to a report on technology blog Techcrunch. Lawmakers are concerned about online privacy, specifically how some mobile services constantly track user data. Apple has reportedly been informing its developers about the change in its policy for a few months, ever since the debates began.

While developers agree some of the concerns are reasonable, they hope the lawmakers as well as the phone users will understand that many business models are built around understanding the drilled-down analytics of users.

Microsoft gets accommodative

Microsoft has become accommodative of low-cost phones with an on-board memory of just 256 MB in the latest software development kits of its Windows Mobile operating platform. Earlier, it had been rigid about the specifications regarding the Windows Mobile Phones, saying handsets would need to have a minimum of 512 MB memory to run the operating system. But, it scaled down the requirement with the launch of the low-cost Nokia Lumia 610. What this means to buyers is they can expect low-cost Windows Mobile phones in the market soon. Smartphones running the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems are already available in Indian markets for a little more than Rs.15,000.