Get the latest in job opportunities, event updates and news inside Technopark via ‘Technopark Times’, an app developed by Naveen Naushad

Nearly a decade since its inception, Technopark has virtually changed the face of the city, and Kerala. Home to more than 42,000 professionals, the IT Park has become a dream destination for almost every techie in the state. However, getting employment at a Technopark company is still a dream for many job aspirants, not only because of the burgeoning competition, but also due to the lack of awareness about job vacancies at the IT park.

City based mobile application developer Naveen Naushad has come up with a smartphone application to help these job seekers. His new application – ‘Technopark Times’, provides users with a host of information about the park, including jobs, event updates, and news stories about the IT park. The application, which also provides alerts to users about new job openings, also features a complete and updated list of companies in the IT park, along with their contact details.

“I found many of my friends and acquaintances - some of whom have years of experience in the industry, missing out on key job openings in various companies in the IT park, because they missed out on these opportunities online or acked the time to do the same. This exhorted me to work on a mobile application through which job aspirants and Technopark employees alike can keep abreast of jobs as well as the latest happenings in the park,” says Naveen.

The increased penetration of smartphones was another feature that prompted the 30-year-old techie to work on such an application. “Contrary to popular perception, not every job seeker has access to personal computers. However, most of them have smartphones . Job seekers will get regular alerts about job openings through the application, thus helping them land their dream job fast. With at least seven new job openings being reported each day, this would be a shot in the arm for job seekers,” he adds.

Naveen is a veteran in the area of smartphone application development. A seasoned freelancer, who is a computer science and engineering graduate of SCT College of Engineering, Pappanamcode, Naveen has released over 10 android applications – all of which have been downloaded more than a million times.

He has also developed other relevant apps for aiding citizens of the state, including ‘Political Digest’ – which helps the politically inclined to keep abreast of relevant political news, and the ‘Kerala High Court Case Status’ that helps citizens track the status of various cases active in the High Court.

The free application works in the android platform and runs on smartphones that runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above. One can download the application by visiting Times