The keyword emerging out of the October 22 Apple event at Cupertino is ‘free’. The company surprised Mac users by announcing that its next iteration of the iMac and Macbook operating system OS X Mavericks (named after a surfing beach in California) was being offered for free. And not just that, it is also offering its latest versions of both productivity Apps’ suite iWork and creativity Apps’ suite iLife free with new Mac purchases. Those who have already purchased the Apps can upgrade for free too.

The new operating system for iMacs and Macbooks offers some incremental changes that further converges the desktop and laptop devices with its mobile counterparts — the iPhones and the iPads. One of the more interesting options with OS X Mavericks is the ability to provide multiple display support without any additional configuration. People who have both iMac and Macbook will be able to use this feature to unclutter their workspace on screen. Apart from this OS X Mavericks is updated with iBooks and Apple Maps over the previous version. Sadly both these upgrades don’t mean much to the Indian user because both these services are not popular here.