Sniper Elite V2, the follow up to Sniper Elite, is all about stealth and intelligence.

Sniper Elite V2 is a tactical third person shooter which is the follow up to Rebellion's 2005 game Sniper Elite Every gamer wishes to be a sniper in whatever game they play like Call of Duty, Battle field, Hitman which emphasises the player to be more tactical. The sniper must maintain his stealth till he reaches the vantage point. On position he must take account of wind and his breathing. And once the target get shot the player should be prepared to escape which makes the sniping interesting.


The game takes place in Berlin during the final days of World War II. The Germans make a full retreat to Berlin and finally they rely on their scientists who are working on a confidential V2 Rocket project loaded with the deadly nerve gas — Tabun.

The player takes the role of American Karl Fair Burne who is sent behind the enemy lines to capture or kill the Nazi scientists who are working on the German V2 Rocket programme before they fall into Russian hands. The player should infiltrate every German compound retrieving information on the Nazi scientists to find the rocket launch centre and its target.

Game play

Throughout the game play, Fairburne is equipped with various snipers, silenced pistols and machine guns, grenades and trip mines available at the time of World War II. With all these weapons the game stresses the player to be in stealth mode instead of a normal shooter. You can mark the enemies with your Binoculars to track their movement. Throwing stones and making Booby traps to deviate the soldiers is satisfying.

The game features a new “X-Ray Kill Cam” system that triggers a slow motion view of the bullet path from the gun to the target for skillful shots and you will be able to see the damage done by the bullet like shattering of bones and internal organs.

To offer a bit more to players the game lets them collect gold and to snipe bottles in all levels. The game also provides an additional DLC to kill “The Fuhrer” in Berlin.

Verdict: The Sniper Elite V2 will please the sniper lovers.

Balaganesh is a 24-year-old IT professional and an avid gamer.