Microsoft on Wednesday launched the new ‘Kinect' interface for its Xbox 360 gaming device that allows users to play games with their body movements instead of a conventional joystick.

‘Kinect' senses users' movements and lets them play games without using a joystick with the help of an embedded RGB camera, depth sensor and microphone.

“Kinect has not only revolutionised gaming, but has the potential to introduce applications spanning areas like health and education. This is the next era in the evolution of human interface with computers and beginning the move from graphical user interface to natural user interface,” Microsoft India Regional Director (Entertainment and Devices Division) Jaspreet Bindra told reporters here.

Xbox 360 4GB consoles with a Kinect sensor and a free 'Kinect Adventures' game will be available in stores for Rs 22,990, he added.

For people who already have an Xbox 360 console, the standalone Kinect sensor and ‘Kinect Adventures' game would be available at a price of Rs.9,990.

Microsoft has sold about 45 million Xbox 360 consoles globally.

There are 11 Kinect games available for the Xbox 360, in the genres of sports, adventure, fitness and dance.