A new lawn-mowing robot designed to handle yards of up to 3,000 square metres is going on sale soon thanks to Israeli company Friendly Robotics. The Robomow RS 630 has a 56-cm cutting swath and can be programmed so it starts its work at specified times of day by itself and even returns to its charging station when it’s done.

Robots pick their own starting point in the garden, which should guarantee that they should cut everything evenly, even in hard-to-reach corners, says the company. But the robot still needs some supervision: owners should fence off parts of their lawn they don’t want mowed. Grass clippings, as well as leaves and twigs, are cut up and worked into the ground as mulch. The robot costs 2,779 euros ($ 3,614).

New driver for Geforce cards

Nvidia has released the beta version of its new Geforce graphic card driver. It’s numbered 314.14 and can be downloaded immediately. Anyone who has installed Geforce Experience gets the new driver automatically. Graphics-heavy games like Sleeping Dogs or Batman: Arkham City benefit from the new chip. Nvidia says they’re noticeably faster than when run with the 314.07 driver. Depending on the game and graphics card, it’s possible to add 5 to 10 per cent more images per second.