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Updated: August 9, 2010 18:10 IST

JooJoo takes on the iPad

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The Joojoo notebook
Business Line The Joojoo notebook

With the war between tablets heating up, the iPad is under pressure yet again, this time from the JooJoo developed by Singapore-based Fusion Garage. A larger screen, USB connectivity and a web-based Linux OS are just some of the perks it offers, so lets watch these two tablets fight it out!


The JooJoo should be as responsive as the iPad, and there's a choice of small keyboard for one-handed typing or a standard-sized one. Multi-tasking and Flash support also give the JooJoo an edge. However, it seems unlikely that the JooJoo will be the untrammelled pleasure to use that the iPad is, and as for apps and buying books, music and movies, it's a clear second best.

Winner: iPad


Inside the JooJoo you'll fi nd a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor compared to the iPad's 1GHz A4 microchip. The JooJoo's extra speed allows it to multi-task with no slowdown – just swipe your finger to scroll between open windows, and flick one away to close it.

Winner: JooJoo


Both have rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, but the iPad has double the lifespan, giving ten hours with Wi-Fi on to the JooJoo's five.

Winner: iPad


The JooJoo has a front-facing camera for video conferencing – this is rumoured for the next-gen iPad, but isn't there on the existing model.

Winner: JooJoo


The JooJoo's screen is bigger than the iPad's, at a whopping 12.1-inches to the iPad's 9.7. The 1366x768 resolution means it's able to show videos in 720p HD too.

Winner: JooJoo

Operating system

Instead of a desktop OS, JooJoo uses a web-based, Linux one, so you'll need to be online if you want to use it – hence there's only 4GB of storage compared to the iPad's 64GB. That's fine for basic computing, but not if you want to store media.

Winner: iPad


The JooJoo's bigger screen makes it a hefty 1.1kg. The iPad's just 0.68kg.

Winner: iPad


The JooJoo sports a USB port, unlike the iPad. It also has nWi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, just like the iPad.

Winner: JooJoo

Our verdict

There's a lot to like about the JooJoo. It's got a great screen, it multi-tasks and has Flash compatibility, and the look and build quality are Apple-ishly impressive. If you want a tablet mainly for web browsing and so don't need much storage, the JooJoo is a top device. Else, it's iPad all the way…

Rs. 22,300 (Wi-Fi)

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