Google is stepping up its efforts to offer users pure versions of its Android operating system without the extra software — or as critics call it “bloatware” — added on by phone manufacturers.

The web software giant is to offer users an unlocked HTC One with the original version of Android for 599 dollars, while an unlocked Samsung Galaxy will be available for 649 dollars.

Google’s Android chief Sundar Pichai said that the move to promote a pure Android experience did not detract from Google’s commitment to keeping Android open to changes by individual companies.

“These are the beginning steps about us thinking about how we can get the right user experience including the differentiators some OEMs (phone makers) want,” he said.

“We’re developing a user experience that scales across the world,” Mr. Pichai said, explaining why the Google Edition devices are now a priority for the company. “We’re making Android the operating system that is consistent across all of these devices.”

“The challenge is related to what is great about Android. The scale and scope of Android is pretty breathtaking,” Mr. Pichai explained further. “From a Google perspective, we care about how users use Android and the user experience.”