Global trend of tablet personal computer (PC) is expected to last longer as the gadget combine functions of smart phone and laptop in one device, suitable with public demand of uncomplicated but advanced product, an industry executive told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

Vice President of Mobile Broadband Product at ZTE Corporation Liu Lin said that the long lasting trend will also be supported by decision of gadget companies to produce the device.

“We believe that mobile users will use tablet PC in their daily activities. It’s a whole new product. I believe that it will last longer. The gadget combines functions of laptop and smart phone. That’s why people like to carry the gadget as they only need one gadget for many of their activities. The trend will be shown in wide range of users,” said Liu.

According to Liu, the market of the gadget is huge as it is very potential in the future.

“Half of companies producing smart phone will produce tablet PC and half of laptop producers will produce tablet PC,” said Liu. Liu also said that the important parts of the device are good user interface and good product. And, to differentiate a product with others, he said, companies need to make breakthroughs.

“Tablet PC is a new product concept. We must provide some special solutions. For example, we provide special solutions for education, banking and insurance, among others,” he said.

Liu said that the most interesting is that currently tablet PC vendors target vertical market.

“It means that they sell the gadget to institutions. Therefore, they prepare a device that is applicable for industry’s purpose. In fact, that would develop faster than selling them in horizontal market or to all users,” said Liu.

He said that there is no difference between emerging and developed markets related to tablet PC as they see the gadget as a new trend, triggering high demand. Liu also said that many tablet PC companies have been adopting a concept called “smart terminal strategy”, especially those with market of small to middle users.

“Not only ZTE adopts the strategy. Many of our competitors adopt it too. The strategy target higher level of user, meaning that we aim beyond of our traditional market that consists of low to middle users,” said Liu. For his company, Liu said that ZTE adopts the terminal strategy as it has strong advantages in terms of research and development and in its technology.

“We have it all, from wimax and long term evolution technology. We are strong in low to middle market and now we want to fortify our position in high-end market,” said Liu.

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