Canadian firm says core switch failure in RIM's infrastructure is to blame

For the past three days, scores of BlackBerry smartphone users in India are unable to use popular services such as messenger, check emails or browse the Internet as its maker Research In Motion (RIM) has failed to address technical glitches that has cropped up in its infrastructure.

The Canadian firm, which has around 10-lakh subscribers in India, has stated that the messaging and browsing delays are being experienced by BlackBerry users due to a core switch failure within RIM's infrastructure. “We know that many of you are still experiencing service problems. The resolution of this service issue is our Number One priority right now and we are working night and day to restore all BlackBerry services to normal levels. We will continue to keep this page updated,” RIM wrote on its website on Wednesday.

The technical problem, which has also affected users in Europe, West Asia, Africa, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, has resulted in the BlackBerry users not being able to sent emails, use Internet and chat online by using its messenger service, while some companies that use RIM's enterprise services has also reported service problems.

However, the BlackBerry users in India are facing no problem while receiving/making calls or sending SMS.

BlackBerry users are so used to the unique and secure services being offered by RIM that they are now frustrated due to constant interruptions.

People have taken the social media route to vent their anger against the smartphone-maker, while a dedicated “blackberrydown” page has been created on Twitter where users are sharing their experience. Interestingly, even Amitabh Bachchan, who is very regular on Twitter, on Wednesday tweeted —- “BLACKBERRY...!!! What does one do to get you up again ..!!?? Stifled frustrated and just soooo....”

“For the past three days, the BlackBerry services have been intermittent. Though situation has improved a bit on Wednesday, the situation is still far from normal. I am facing this problem for the first time since I started using BlackBerry services three years ago,” said consultant Madan Jha, while acknowledging that RIM has been updating him on the service status regularly.

Mobile operators are also updating its subscribers on the BlackBerry issue. “We are aware that you are still experiencing intermittent issues while using BlackBerry services. Blackberry service provider, RIM, continues to work on the same and services are likely to be restored soon. We thank you for your patience,” said a message from one of the operator.


BlackBerry services restored in IndiaOctober 14, 2011