The Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB was the undisputed mobile heavyweight champion of the world (until recently) is still competitive despite its relative age.

The 3GS has been surpassed by the iPhone 4, but it's no ageing dinosaur. The iPhone 3GS still offers enviable usability and a form factor that oozes class and quality.

The interface is incredibly simple, with shortcuts and apps spread over an unlimited supply of home screens.

The seamless working of multi-touch still impresses too, letting you pinch to zoom and scroll through web pages with nonchalant ease ? unless they happen to be Flash-based web pages, of course.

At 3.2 inches the 480x320 screen seems relatively small and low-res next to the Desire and Wave's offerings, but it's perfectly adequate for viewing movies and photos.

It's also fantastic for gaming with an accurate accelerometer and plenty of affordable titles from the App Store, such as Real Racing HD.

The Apple App Store is still the best in the business, offering a vast choice of games, utilities and social networking tools.

It's not open source like Android, but with an app count of 2,00,000 and rising, iPhone users are spoilt for choice.

The music player is, as you'd expect of Apple, top-drawer. Scroll through tracks, artists and albums and create your own playlists on iTunes.

There's 16GB to store your tunes in. The supplied ear buds are famously rubbish, but a 3.5mm socket means you can swap them.

The 3.2-megapixel camera takes adequate snaps, yet the lack of a flash limits its uses and you'll have to charge the battery every night.

The iPhone 4 boasts a five-megapixel camera with 720p video capture, along with improved battery life: tempting indeed.

If you can resist the lure of the new, however, you should be able to snap up this still highly desirable phone.

LOVE : Superlative multi-touch interface. Huge variety of apps

HATE : No Flash. A smaller screen than its main rivals. The forthcoming iPhone 4 trumps it in pretty much every area

WE SAY : The iPhone 3GS's killer OS, multi-touch interface and superior app selection keeps it competitive despite its relative age. Still well worth a look