The Slim narrows the gap between a professional camera and the mobile phone

With a built–in camera in every smart phone, clicking pictures has become easier. It is rare that we are in a situation that calls for a photograph and we are not click–ready. All we have to do is whip out our phones, and get some really good pictures. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could boost the potential of the camera in your phone with one gadget?

Izzi Gadgets, a USA–based company, has come up with a phone case that will help boost the potential of the camera in your iPhone. Knows as ‘the Slim’, it is being referred to as Orbit Pro’s younger brother. Like the older brother, the Slim has various camera lenses that can be interchanged and comes with a protective case. It is, however, lighter than Orbit Pro and has better technology. If you love clicking pictures every day, then the Slim is made for you. Whether you are clicking in low light or recording the video of a beautiful location, the Slim helps you capture is like a professional.

Although the Slim is more affordable when compared to Orbit Pro, but it does not make the former an affordable version of the latter. The Slim comes with a number of improvements. Unlike the Orbit Pro with only three lenses, the Slim comes with four pro–grade lenses. Being made up of Polycarbonate material makes the Slim more lightweight and easier to carry than Orbit Pro, which is made of aluminium.

Its durable polycarbonate material enables it to fit your iPhone 5 or 5s like a glove and provides sturdy protection in white or black colours. According to the creators, these cases are extremely easy to put on and take off. Also, they don’t hamper your access to the buttons of the phone, the native camera, the headphones and charger jacks, and the speakers.

Their patented Peripheral Motion Lock Technology makes it easy for you to access the 4 pro–grade lenses in a sleek, all–in–one unit. You also don’t have to worry about shifting lenses. You don’t need to unscrew a lens and then screw another one back on. Just use your finger to spin the lens selector, and then choose the one you want to use. You will also have access to the built–in snapper.

The four lenses

67X wide angle lens: This lens is suitable for large ranges and ensuring nothing or no one gets cut from the picture.

180 – degree fisheye lens: This lens can be used for clicking panoramic pictures, overhead shots, and wide group shots.

Macro lens: With this lens, you can take razor – sharp close ups. You can get real close to the subject and capture the minutest detail.

2X telephoto lens: You can use this lens for capturing long – distance shots. The lenses come with a microfiber cleaning cloth for your ease.

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(Ayyappa Nagubandi is an entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder of Possibillion Technologies)