Here are this fortnight’s three apps that focus on your convenience and the interesting things you want to remember without troubling yourself too much. Decide, the first app, looks for other stores and retailers via the internet that are selling something you’re looking at in a store, but cheaper. Lemon Wallet is simply the next step: It stores your credit and debit card information so that losing your wallet needn’t precipitate a panic attack. Thinglist, the third app, does for names what a to-do list does for your tasks.


Available for free on iTunes, Decide is a self-proclaimed “shopping and price predictor” for your iPhone or iPad. As regards ease of use, Decide doesn’t force you to create an account with them, but simply extends its service.

The app brings product recommendations to your mobile device based on something you’re looking for right now or on your past purchases. It also includes product ratings in order to help you decide what product to buy over another.

Decide also does a good job with model predictions, tracking your desired product’s features to tell you if a better one is in the offing, as well as the location of the closest store to get it in.

Lemon Wallet

Do you have a habit of losing your wallet? If yes, then Lemon Wallet is for you. It stores a digital copy of all your cards – bank, insurance, ID, etc. – so you don’t have to fish them out of your wallet if you want their details.

More, the digitisation provides access to you to your balance sheets, recent transactions, and important dates coming up. Lemon Wallet also links up your cards to stores that have special offers on them so that you don’t miss out on loyalty-rewards for corresponding transactions.

The process of digitising your cards is very simple: Just take a picture of your card with your mobile device, and the app will scan, encrypt, and save all the important information on the cloud. A PIN number is required on the phone to access information in the cards.

Lemon Wallet is free for download and available on the iPhone, Windows Phones, and Android devices.


Thinglist stores your ideas. Like when using a to-do list, you simply jot down your idea, save it in the appropriate category, and continue with your life. Later on, when you’re free, you can go through them at leisure.

The app’s strength lies in its ability to preserve your intuition when you’re making a note by letting you save it under ‘book’, ‘food’, ‘music’, ‘person’, or ‘others’. On the downside, however, Thinglist is available only for iOS devices, and costs $0.99 (Rs. 54).