With more than 32,000 users opting to use the e-wallet process to book tickets online, the IRCTC has circumvented the need to redirect credit and debit card users to their respective bank servers to make payments, and made purchasing tickets faster and simpler.

Delays in accessing the bank server often leads to failure in completing the booking process within the specified time. On other occasions, tickets do not get issued even though the bank makes the payment.

More than 200 users are registering themselves with the IRCTC daily for this scheme. Registered users have to open an account with the IRCTC and the deposited money can be used for future purchase of tickets. Each user is given a password to operate the account and make the payment directly without having to use the net banking system. One can have a maximum balance of Rs. 5,000 and the account can be managed online, including topping it up after a purchase is made.

Apart from ensuring hassle-free and secure transactions, the IRCTC also ensures easy and faster refund in case of cancellation, by crediting the accounts the following day.