Use these apps to unleash your creative instincts on your phone or tablet

SmartPaint (Free)

This is an editing and painting application, which allows you to create and edit your own pictures, and adjust their size by pressing buttons on the phone or by pinching in and out of touch screens.

Create and edit pictures using different layers, change colours as you want them, save those layers and export them as high quality picture files.

Sketchbook Pro/ Sketchbook Mobile (Paid)

This is a professional-grade paint and drawing application which offers you a full set of sketching tools with an intuitive user interface. This app allows you to digitally capture your ideas, make napkin sketches and digitally enhance them, and also produce your artwork when on the move. The Sketchbook Mobile version provides sophisticated paints and brushes which add more quality to your paintings and sketches. It is a paid version.

Draw and Paint (Free) A skilled drawing device for your phone. Create artistic drawings, draw or sketch on a picture from your picture gallery or on a new photo you have taken using your phone camera or even on an empty sheet. Save and share your creation with your friends and family by tagging your artwork on Facebook, Twitter or Picasa.

PicsArt Photo Studio (Free) A very popular free mobile photo editor which allows you to create colourful collages, make photo manipulations, masks, frames, borders, stickers, graphics and many more. You can take a picture, preview it and apply live photo effects by enhancing your standard camera. Share it with friends on various social media.

Picasso (Free) Indulge your creative side with this app. Decorate your picture with smileys, hearts or comments. Doodle in your spare time, paint a castle in a background you have chosen and many more. Enhance your photos with decorative colours and text, and create your own backgrounds.