People can now learn about the life and times of famed physicist Stephen Hawking in a comic book.

The British scientist is featuring as a comic book character for an illustrated series about his life.

The book will cover Hawking’s college days, his work as a researcher at Cambridge and some of his key discoveries, Sky News reported.

The series Stephen Hawking: Riddles of Time & Space would provide a glimpse into “the man, the myth and the legend,” writers of the book said.

“The very concept of making an engaging comic book where the protagonist is essentially immobile is a pretty tall order,” said artist Zach Bassett.

“I think the key to us keeping it exciting was being able to get inside his mind — one of the greatest of our time — and show some of his most abstract concepts in a visual and dynamic way.

“He truly is a living legend and I was honoured to be able to illustrate his life in comic book form. Professor Hawking is perhaps best known for his book A Brief History of Time, which explains the nature of the universe to non-scientists,” said Bassett.

“The most surprising thing about Stephen Hawking is his razor wire wit. He maintains a child’s delight in discovery and credits his disability for allowing him to focus his mind,” writers Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy said.

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