New garlic variety for North Indian areas


The National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF) in Nasik, Maharashtra has developed a new garlic variety named Yamuna Safed-5 suitable for growing in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The bulbs are white and big in size — about 4.5-5.0 cm in diameter. The crop matures in 150-160 days after planting and shelf life is good. Average yield is about 17-18 tonnes from a hectare.

Four methods

Four methods can be used for planting i.e. dibbling, furrow, broad casting and seed drill. The crop can be planted from August to November in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and from September to November in other parts of North India.

In Gujarat planting is done during October to November. In hilly regions the correct season for planting is during March-April. In West Bengal and Orissa, October-November is the right time for planting.

About 500-700 kg of cloves are required for a hectare and planted at 10 x 7.5 cm spacing. Care should be taken to select big cloves. It has been recommended to apply 50 tonnes of farm yard manure for a hectare during field preparation and to mix well with the soil. About 100 :50:50 NAP is recommended as fertilizer.

Complete dose of phosphorus, potash and half of nitrogen may be applied before planting.

Another half dose of nitrogen may be applied after a month of planting.


The crop needs to be irrigated at an interval of 8-10 days during active growth and 10-15 days before harvest. It is considered ready for harvesting when the top turns yellow or brown in colour and shows signs of drying up.

Bulbs are taken out along with the tops and windrowed for curing about 15-20 days under field condition. After curing, the necks are cut by leaving 2.5-3.0 cm from bulbs and sent to the market after proper sorting and grading for sale. It can be stored in bundles along with foliage in well ventilated godowns.

(Dr. R K Singh, Assistant Director (Horticulture), NHRDF, Chitegaon Phata, Post Darna Sangavi, Niphad,

Nashik MS, Mobile: 09881303443, email: and Dr. R P Gupta, Director, email:, Mobile: 09850880668)

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