Israeli scientists have developed a special bandage that releases infection-fighting drugs and then dissolves once the wound is healed, minimising the chances of getting an infection during dressing.

The bandage developed at the Tel Aviv University is expected to cut-down the high rate of infections especially among people having serious burn injuries.

Such patients are at a greater risk of infection in the wounds if they are exposed to moisture regularly. About 70 per cent of such patients die from infections that penetrate the body through damaged skin and wounds during regular cleaning and changing of bandages, The Daily Mail reported.

“We’ve developed the first wound dressing that releases antibiotics and biodegrades in a controlled manner,” said Meital Zilberman, a member of the research team.

The new bandage is made up of special biodegradable fibres that dissolve after few days of dressing, removing the need to change the bandage thus, exposing the wound to moisture.

The bandage ‘stores’ significant quantities of antibiotic drugs, which seeps slowly into the wound.

Initial tests have shown that the bandage wipes out dangerous bacteria within days.