A group of researchers has claimed to have found over six-crore-year-old fossils of banana leaves, peepal and coconut trees during an excavation in Dhar district, about 100 km from here.

The researchers belong to the Mangal Panchaytan Parishad.

Parishad head Vishal Varma told PTI that his group also found conch-shaped organisms found in water and grass that was buried for ages.

The fossils were found at the same place where his group earlier searched fossils of dinasour eggs and its bones.

The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to set up a fossil park in this area.

Evidence of the existence of a lake, spread in an eight km area, was also found in the region with proofs of it being submerged in volcano's lava.

Mr. Varma also claimed that 24 places were found where lava got accumulated.

These fossils indicated the existence of rich bio-diversity in the region, he said.

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