Fukushima disaster and after

Despite worries over the massive quantities of water needed to cool the melted Fukushima reactors, the risk of radiation-contaminated water to public health is minimal, a former U.S. nuclear regulator has said. The Japan government has promised to become more directly involved in funding projects to contain the leaks. Photos: AP



Recent Article in Science

Six of the seven species of the Golden-backed frog that were discovered by a team of scientists from India and Sri Lanka. (Clockwise from top left) Hylarana sreeni; the large Golden-backed Frog (Hylarana magna); Don’s Golden-backed Frog (Hylarana doni); urban Golden-backed frog (Hylarana urbis); the Serendip Bronzed Frog (Hylarana serendipi); and the Indian Golden-backed Frog (Hylarana indica). Photos: Special Arrangement

7 new frog species reported from Western Ghats and Sri Lanka

Research shows that frogs in the region are increasingly under threat due to habitat destruction »