Russians will continue to deep drill the sub-glacial lake during Antarctic summer in 2010-11 as they believe that the future discoveries will be “especially important” for pharmaceutical and medicinal developments.

“The drilling on Lake Vostok will take place during the summer months in the Antarctic, when there will be the winter time in Moscow,” said the head of the Russian hydro-meteorology service Alexander Frolov yesterday.

Mr. Frolov noted that a sediment core taken from the lake will reveal a 400,000-year environmental record with microbes present.

“The future discoveries are especially important for the development of pharmaceutics and medicine,” he said.

“The samples to be taken form the relic lake will give precious information about the life and nature that have never been in contact with our world.”

Russia’s base Vostok is located in the area of the Antarctic Lake Vostok that sits below its 4,000 meter deep ice cap. The lake is approximately 250 km long and 50 km wide.

Its waters have been hermetically sealed from air and light for perhaps several million years.

Scientists believe that micro organisms can live in the waters of the lake, which can still support such life.

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