A person, who was admitted to the AIIMS here after falling ill due to exposure to radiation, was today discharged after his condition improved while two other victims at the Army Research and Referral Hospital would be released soon as they have shown signs of recovery.

Mr. Gaurav, who was admitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, was discharged this morning.

Dr. D. K. Sharma, medical superintendent, said “One of the four patients of radiation exposure admitted with us – Mr. Gaurav - was discharged in the morning after doctors saw improvement in his condition.”

Three more persons - Ram Kalap, Himanshu Jain and Ramji Yadav - who were also exposed to radiation continue to receive treatment at the institute.

The Army Research and Referral Hospital said two radiation victims - Deepak Jain (32) and Ajay Jain (40) - who were showing signs of recovery with their condition being near normal, will be discharged soon.

“Their condition is clinically stable and free of any infection or bleeding,” Army R&R Hospital Commandant Lieutenant General Naresh Kumar said in a release.

“Ajay Jain’s wound is healing well,” he added.

After being released from the hospital in a day or two, doctors would continue to closely monitor the condition of the two patients.

“Volunteer donors having 100 per cent matching Human Lymphocyte Antigen (HLA) have been kept on standby for bone marrow transplant if their condition worsens,” he said.

A total of eight persons were admitted to different hospitals in the city following exposure to Cobalt-60, a radioactive substance, in an object disposed of as scrap in Mayapuri area.

One of them, Mr. Rajender (35), a worker at a shop in Mayapuri scrap market, had died due to multiple organ failure at AIIMS after being exposed to radiation.

Cobalt-60 is a radioactive isotope of cobalt, which is a hard, lustrous, grey metal. It is used in radiation therapy machines and other medical equipment.

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