Like mother, like daughter — the generations age the same.

A new study has revealed that the faces of mothers and daughters wrinkle and sag in exactly the same “pattern” as they get older.

Researchers have based their findings after scanning the faces of mothers and daughters — and found that the skin and soft tissues-especially around the eyes showed the same pattern of wasting away and loss of elasticity.

The similarity becomes most apparent when the daughter reaches their mid—30s, according to the researchers, led by Dr. Matthew Camp of Loma Linda University Medical Center.

In fact, to measure the full spectrum of ageing, they examined 10 sets of similar looking mother—daughter pairs, aged from 15 to 90 years old, leading newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reported.

Using state of the art facial imaging and 3D computer modelling, the authors found a consistent pattern of sagging and volume loss specifically around the inner corners of the eye and lower eyelids in the mothers.

The study found a “consistent pattern of atrophy and regression” around the tear ducts and lower eyelid.

Analysis of the soft tissue around the eye found that it lost elasticity and plumpness in exactly the same way.

The findings back up the perceived wisdom — mainly of men — that women will age like their mothers.

In general women are believed to age more badly than their male contemporaries because female features are more susceptible to the age of gravity and loss of muscle and elasticity, the researchers said.

This is mainly because the shape of their face tends to change from oval to square as the skin sags.

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