Lifestyle changes can help relieve pain and bleeding around the rectum

Anal fissure is a condition in which there is a fine tear in the area due to repeated trauma to the area with the hard stool. This causes a severe pain that can remain for hours with the individual dreading to attempt passing stool. There is very little bleeding and the affected area seems to heal itself only to be injured while passing stool again.

The other common reason for the pain could be due to haemorrhoids or piles. The rectum has blood vessels that are prone to trauma due to constant straining at the rectum due to constipation that can cause bleeding and pain. There are a couple of conditions like Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease wherein the frequency of bowel movements is on the rise compelling the patient to attempt to pass stool more often or have a constant urge, which puts the rectum under stress. Over a period of time this constant trauma is likely to lead to other conditions like fissure and haemorrhoids.

The other common condition like an abscess or a boil in the area seems to grow till it gets drained out. This area could be afflicted with repeated formation of boils and if they do not heal early, the pus can find its way into the loose tissues in the buttocks and the rectum leading to the formation of a fistula. There is a constant drain from the rectum too that contributes to the infection all along. Another reason could be constipation or a slight prolapse of the rectum too due to the weakness of the muscles in the area. In young children who are being potty trained there is a likelihood of the faeces being impacted as they learn to control the spasmodic movements which can lead to an inordinate irritability due to pain.

Other conditions like cancer of the rectum could also cause pain. If the cause is not clearly ascertained an examination of the area with a sigmoidoscope would help in the diagnosis and can be treated better. Lifestyle changes in the form of diet, exercise will help in keeping the bowel soft and prevent most of these problems.

Homoeopathic remedies like Paeonia, Ratanhia, Ac. Nit help in ameliorating the pain and Collinsonia, Aesculus, Hamamellis relieve the pain and bleeding. Remedies like Nux vom, Lycopodium, Phos, Merc Sol help in relieving conditions like IBS, Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Hepar Sulph, Merc, Silicea can relieve the abscesses and conditions like fistula. For any conditions that can be the cause of the pain homoeopathy is the best bet.


My seven year old child was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. He is constantly restless, keeps repeating movements and has problems in learning.

Autism is a condition in which the child does not connect with the world and thereby has severe problems in cognition and learning. This is treated with homoeopathic remedies like Belladonna, Hyoscyamus that can reduce symptoms like restlessness etc, which will make the child more amenable to learning.


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