‘Taking the Pulse,’ a year-long campaign, to increase the participation of Indians as stakeholders in the country's healthcare, has hosted on its website a series of questions to gauge public perception of needs.

For details, go to: http://www.worldcarecouncil.org/content/taking-pulse-global-health. An initiative of the World Care Council, along with partners, including India Business Alliance, Public Health Foundation of India and The Hindu, the campaign aims at soliciting views and opinions of a cross-section of society through multimedia. The assessment, which also documents personal experiences with the public and private health care systems and insurance, can be taken online after registering oneself first.

The responses to the questionnaire will be used as reference points to draft the Citizens' Charter for Health Care. While the results will begin to be published online as they come in from the International Human Rights Day (December 10) onwards, the final charter, which will be a synthesis of the inputs received through the survey, will be presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Health in 2010, according to the World Care Council.